A few months back when we were introduced to Chipotle, a Mexican eatery Chain, we got hooked onto this veggie Bowl. I have since been making this at home often by varying the toppings/veggies as per availability at home.

I found that picky eaters at home are easily satisfied and it can be a very balanced meal as well.

As part of BM #31, I have opted to showcase some interesting Mexican food. For Day 1 Week 2, here it is..

Ingredients - 

Rice, cooked 1 cup (I used Sona Masoori Rice but any long grain rice can be used)
Black Beans/Red Kidney Beans, cooked 1 cup
Taco Seasoning as needed
Guacamole 2-3 Tbsp
Sour Cream as needed
Lettuce, Shredded as needed
Corn, shelled and boiled as needed
Tomato, deseeded and finely chopped as needed
Onions, finely chopped as needed
Cheese, Shredded as needed
Hot Sauce / Sri Racha as needed
Stir Fried Bell Peppers (Optional)

Method Of Preparation -

To season the black beans, add the flavors suitable to your palate. I went ahead and just added some taco seasoning this time. Sometimes I add sauteed onion, tomato puree and Chole/Chana Masala and use it here.

To assemble the veggie bowl, Spread rice, layer the black bean mixture, shredded lettuce, corn, onions, tomatoes and finally generously sprinkle shredded cheese.

Serve this platter with a side of Guacamole, Sour cream and Hot Sauce.

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#31.

Preparation Time 25 min
Serves 2-3


  1. Pavani Says:
  2. Chipotle veggie bowl is one of our favorite too and I make it at home very often :-)
    Love the idea of adding chole masala to beans. Will try next time.

  3. Srivalli Says:
  4. That's such an healthy bowl Harini..By the name, I thought you made chipotle now I realized it's a restaurant..:)

  5. This looks like afilling meal. Love the way of presentation...

  6. Priya Suresh Says:
  7. Love that plate, extremely colourful and filling.. Even i loved the idea of that chole masala..

  8. Unknown Says:
  9. I absolutely love this dish. I only wish we got black bean here more regularly and economically :P

  10. Lovely platter , full of nutrition too!

  11. Denny Says:
  12. Great adaptation of the Chipotle veggie bowl! I love their veggie bowl and have inspired me to make it at home.

  13. Sona Says:
  14. Looks so healthy, colorful and delicious.

  15. Preetha Says:
  16. that looks so healthy.....

  17. I love the chipotle bowl and this is such a filling meal.

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