We, a group of bloggers, have successfully completed yet another Mega Marathon. It was a month long of continuous posts except for sundays. The journey was a learning experience. It was intense at certain point of time and challenging at other times. Most of it was pure bliss to enjoy some surprisingly new and rare snacks. Special thanks to Srivalli and the rest of the group.

The whole month was divided into 4 weeks. The first week was dedicated to sweets keeping in mind the upcoming Navratri and Diwali in mind. 

The second week was to dish out snacks from any Indian state and I picked Odisha. 

The third week was to post snacks without any restrictions. 

The fourth and the final week with 8 recipes was the challenging one and was unique. All of the participants were to post some mandatory snacks which were announced earlier giving enough time for research, so to say. Each one of us came up with different variations of the same snack and it was a delight to learn the variety.

Before going into the recap, here are the recaps of the past Mega Marathons I have participated in ..

Now let us recap the culinary journey of september 2019 and enjoy the treats..

Week 1 - Sweets from Andhra -

I have been able to post some long pending traditional sweets from my home state and each one of them was a delight. So go ahead and drool over the sweets from Andhra..

Day 5 - Pala Munjalu

Week 2 - Snacks from Odisha -

I have a close friend who hails from Odisha and she was kind enough to introduce me to the delights of Odisha via her mom. Special thanks to aunty and my friend, Padma.

Day 9 - Badi Chura

Week 3 - Family Favorite Snacks - 

Though it was a clause free theme, I chose to present some of our family favorite recipes. My family was only too happy to help themselves :)

Week 4 - Mandatory Snacks - 

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Posted by Harini R on Wednesday, October 2, 2019


  1. Suma Gandlur Says:
  2. The recap reminded me again that those are some of the best chandrakanthalu I have seen. :) You have put together a fantastic collection of sweets and snacks. By picking Odisha, you introduced to us some of the traditional but not well known recipes. Now I know where to go if I am looking for the recipes belonging to that state. :) I enjoyed running the marathon with you and looking forward to your recipes this month.

  3. Srivalli Says:
  4. Harini, awesome collection of dishes you got there. I really enjoyed your pick of Odisha and so glad you got those from a reliable source. It will be so useful for us..hehehe..I enjoyed your other week's theme too!

  5. Awesome round up with beautiful collages ! I specially loved your Odhisa recipes , some of them were absolutely new and unique . It’s interesting to explore new states , though one has to come out from the comfort zone and try . Kudos on the themes and the efforts . It sure was fun ‘

  6. Beautifully done recap Harini, you introduced some the finest and traditional Odisha recipes. I learned a lot and enjoyed your picks.

  7. Narmadha Says:
  8. Wonderful collection of recipes all in one place. So many different varieties of dishes and have bookmarked few to try. Glad to be part of Marathon with you all.

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