This has always been one of our family favourite desserts. Both my husband and I bought two tins of this sweet every time we went to New Jersey (from one of our favourite sweet shops) and competed with each other to finish it off. Till very recently, I never really thought I would make it at home but thanks to the very exuberant Vahchef who made it look so simple that I ventured to try it out. I made some small changes to the original recipe and it came out really well.

Ingredients -

The Ras (or Rabadi)
3 cups Whole Milk
1 tin Evaporated Milk (optional)
Sugar 1 cup
Almonds, Cashews and Pecans, a fistful (optional)
Pistachios and Cardamom (elaichi) powder - for garnish

For the Paneer (chenna or cheese)-
8 cups Milk
1 medium sized lemon or 3 tablespoons of vinegar diluted in water
8-10 ice cubes

For the sugar syrup -
6 cups water
1 cup sugar

Method of preparation -

To Prepare the Ras (Rabadi) -

Mix the evaporated milk and regular whole milk in preferably a non-stick sauce pan and bring it to a boil while constantly stirring it so it doesn't stick to the pan.
Add the evaporated milk to speed up the process. You could use another 2-3 cups of whole milk instead.

Grind all the nuts into as fine a powder as possible and and add it to the milk. I add the ground powder to richen the rabadi and also to thicken the milk. This is however, purely optional.

Add the sugar and keep stirring it continuously till the milk thickens slightly. Turn off heat

To Prepare the Paneer and sugar syrup-
While the Rabadi is heating up, take milk in another vessel and bring it to a boil just as for the Rabadi.

Squeeze an entire lemon into the milk to start the process of curdling and switch off the heat.

Wait for about 5 minutes or till you find the milk starting to turn clear. Immediately add the ice cubes so as to stop it from curdling further. This process is very important as you don't want the cheese to harden.

Drain the whey and the paneer (chenna) into a thin muslin cloth. Holding the four ends of the cloth, slightly twist the cloth and hang the cloth at a height so that the whey drains from the paneer. Leave it aside for about 20-30 minutes.

Take the hung muslin cloth and place it on another clean cloth and use it to knead the chenna gently for about 5 minutes. This would ensure that there is no moisture in it and also make it soft and easy to prepare the cheese balls.

Remove the cheese into a wide plate and make small balls out of it and press them into small patties. Ensure that they are smooth and not cracked.

While kneading the paneer, prepare the sugar syrup as well. Take water in another vessel and add sugar to it and bring it to a rolling boil. The syrup should be boiling for atleast a minute or two. Add the patties slowly into the boiling sugar syrup and close it with a lid. Let it boil for about 8-10 minutes. The cheese patties should double in size and be very light and soft to touch.

Remove them into a vessel of warm water and let them sit for a minute and slightly squeeze the water out of it and add it to the rabadi or ras and let it absorb the sweetness of it. Refrigerate the Rasmalai and it is ready to be served when chilled.

Note : The same process applies to the preparation of Rasgullas as well except that the cheese balls are served along with the sugar syrup instead of adding them to the rabadi.

Serves 4 Adults (Makes about 24 balls)

Preparation Time 2-1/2 hrs
Posted by Jaya on Sunday, March 14, 2010


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