Over the years of cooking and experimenting, I developed a passion for it and wish to share my experiences with a larger audience. Through this food blog, I hope to connect to all the food lovers on the internet and make the process of cooking simple, healthy and tasty. I look forward to your feedback, comments and ideas to enrich my journey.
Posted by Harini on Monday, March 1, 2010
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  1. Pratnee Says:
  2. Went through your blog.. Great one.. shall regularly visit the pages:)

    All the best!

    Pratyoosha Gurazada
    Neeharika Shastry

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. Harini & Jaya, I have signed up as a follower. And I see that the photographs of the dishes are very good and so are the illustrations. Do expand the database and I shall also help you get more followers for this blog. And also do discover ways to popularize the blog, besides word of mouth. All the best in your endeavour! I shall keep getting back to this site. Once there are more recipes, we shall work out ways to network the blog with other sites. Also visit the cookery blog of Pratyoosha & Neeharika for more ideas (not to copy, of course :))

  5. Jaya Says:
  6. Thanks for your wishes Pratyoosha. We definitely need your inputs in making this better. We visit your blog pretty often.

    Thanks for following us! It's nice to receive so much encouragement from you.

  7. Hey Harini & Jaya, Your initiative is awesome! Great job! Written in a very lucid language and well complemented with wonderful pictures, each recipe is tempting and mouthwatering! Tamalapaku a ka day-to-day cooking made very easy...
    Keep it going..

    Pappi akka

  8. Harini Says:
  9. Pappi akka, thanks for the good words...

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