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During the summer, in an effort to keep my kids busy and also use up the leftover radishes, I made the kids work on these chrysanthemums and what better way to showcase their art!!

I would have loved to plate them on a bed of lettuce with some Carrot Flowers and Cucumber Roses as well.

Recipe Source - Youtube Video

Ingredients - 

Radishes (I used 3) as needed
Ice Cold Water 2-3 cups

Method Of Preparation -

Choose firm radishes for the flowers. Trim both the ends for an even surface.

Make as many vertical slits as possible from one side to another.

Then make horizontal slits from side to another.

Dip it in cold water for 30 min.

Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator until required.

Logo courtesy : Preeti

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Preparation Time 5 min + Soaking time 30 min
Makes 3
Posted by Harini R on Saturday, September 21, 2013


  1. Priya Suresh Says:
  2. Radish flowers looks extremely cute and very quick to make na..

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. wow very very creative carving done dear :) looks so cute !1

  5. divya Says:
  6. looks awesome n beautiful flowers...

  7. Radish flowers look nice with its pink and white colours.

  8. One of the simplest ways to make flowers...yet one of the prettiest.

  9. Akila Says:
  10. Very nice

  11. i did not find the radish ever here , this was on my to do list for long, loved the way you have made it

  12. Unknown Says:
  13. Very professional carving. You have very artistic hands

  14. Padmajha Says:
  15. Nice way to keep the kids engaged! And the flowers look great Harini :)

  16. how pretty

  17. Rajani S Says:
  18. Pretty pretty flowers :)

  19. Pretty flowers to give your simple salad a unique presentation !

  20. veena Says:
  21. Nice way to keep the kids engaged and the flowers are so pretty

  22. preeti garg Says:
  23. Love this pattern..

  24. Pavani Says:
  25. Wow, radish flowers look adorable. Good job by your little ones.

  26. Beautiful Harini, makes interesting dining table top decorations...

  27. Archana Says:
  28. Wow your kids made these! My they are awesome. I love them. they will make excellent table decorations.

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