Any Carrot Halwa lovers out there?? This is for you. Sweet potato halwa or if you like, roll it like laddus, have a  stunning resemblance to Carrot Halwa. I had a plan of making kheer with sweet potato, but when I started frying sweet potato, I loved the smell of it and it reminded me of carrot halwa. So I changed my mind in the last instant and made halwa out of it! I just added whatever was readily available in my pantry and the results were delicious and mouth watering to say the least. Most importantly my kids who don't have a sweet tooth like me finished these laddus in less than 5 minutes (of course with a little help from the Dad). I barely had a chance to have a taste :( I am sure I am going to make it again and again. I also want to point out that it was done in a matter of minutes. You have to eat/make it to believe it!! This is for Day 4 of this edition of Blogging Marathon.

Sweet Potato Laddu

Ingredients - 

Sweet Potato, Grated 1 cup
Coconut, grated, frozen (or fresh) 2 Tbsp
Sugar 4 Tbsp
Milk 3 Tbsp
Almonds 4-5, Coarsely crushed (Optional)
Ghee/Clarified butter 1 tsp
Cardamom Powder 1/8 tsp
Dried Coconut Powder for garnish (Optional)

Notes - 
* Sugar can be substituted with one of the following - Khoya, Milk Powder, Condensed milk, Evaporated milk or water.
* If using condensed milk, adjust sugar content accordingly.
* Coconut is optional but enhances the taste.
* Jaggery can be used for a variation instead of sugar.

Sweet Potato Laddu

Method Of Preparation - 

In a non-stick pan, heat ghee and add the grated sweet potato.

Saute for a couple of minutes until the raw smell disappears. Add the grated coconut and keep stirring.

Sprinkle milk and sugar and keep stirring until the mixture smells good and comes together as a single mass. It took me about 10 min.

Add the coarsely crushed almonds, cardamom powder, mix well and remove from fire.

Sweet Potato Laddu

While it was still warm, I wanted to small laddus but the kids didn't wait for me to finish making them. So an approximate number would be about 6 - 8 lime sized laddus. Making laddus is optional, it can be served as is like Halwa. But upon my kid's request I made them into laddus. 

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Preparation Time 20 min 
Makes about 6-8 lime sized or 10-12 marble sized laddus
Posted by Harini on Thursday, May 19, 2011


  1. Unknown Says:
  2. Looks absolutely delicious, just by looking at laddoos, it is very difficult to say, they are made of sweet potato, looks like dry gulab jamuns rolled in coconut :)

  3. Sunanda Says:
  4. Its a very innovative recipe.. looks very tempting..

    Sunanda's Kitchen

  5. aipi Says:
  6. This is definitely a new recipe and I love it :)
    US Masala

  7. Aarthi Says:
  8. yummy ladoos..looks so inviting

  9. lovely and innovative recipe.

  10. Hey dear!! Visiting ur blog for the first time and u have very good collection of recipes... Love to follow u....!!!

  11. Chitra Says:
  12. looks very yummmy....

  13. Priya Suresh Says:
  14. Unique and marvellous laddoo, u rock dear..

  15. Swathi Says:
  16. Nice recipe,looks awesome

  17. Vardhini Says:
  18. As Priya said they do look like gulab jamoons .. colorful.


  19. Suma Gandlur Says:
  20. Nenu carrot - khoa laddu chestanu. Ee idea bagundandi. Actually I have a sweet potato lying in my refrigerator. I will give it a try.

  21. Sobha Shyam Says:
  22. What a great idea..very innovative..

  23. Pavani Says:
  24. are on a roll with so many interesting and yummy treats being made. Your kids must be enjoying the goodies. Eagerly waiting to see what's coming next...

  25. Shylaja Says:
  26. Wow.This looks so delicious.Healthy treat for kids.Love this
    South Indian Recipes

  27. That's a very interesting and delicious looking laddu..

  28. veena Says:
  29. oooh looks too tempting Harini

  30. Never tried sweet potato halwa.. Looks delicious!

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