These two words 'Chakkara Holigalu' evoke so many memories for all of us in our family, it is hard to describe the feeling. These crepes/holigalu have tickled the sweet taste buds of multiple generations in our family. This recipe has been passed down from at least 5 generations in my parent's families.

Chakkara Holigalu are very popular in our family circles but they are rarely prepared these days. The process is very laborious and requires a certain skill to prepare these (or so is assumed!). Because of this misapprehension it has taken me so many years to gather my guts to prepare these sinful and delectable crepes/holigalu. But having prepared it now, it doesn't seem so difficult after all; time-consuming - yes. 

My grandmother would be happy to know that the recipe has been recorded and that I have finally made these !! She has more than 100 grandkids and great grandkids (and counting!), yet she still remembers the favorite items of each one of us. How amazing is that? Needless to say, this particular sweet ranks high in her favorite list too!!  I can't imagine these crepes being prepared in hundreds to feed the whole family of 40-60 people when they gathered for summers. 

To my utter delight, S has joined the ever-growing list of fans a few years ago when he tasted these crepes for the first time. I guess I should stop praising these crepes and let you all take a peek at the pictures and the recipe. :) So here is the recipe as part of Day 4 of this marathon!

Chakkara Holigalu

Ingredients -

For outer cover - 
Chiroti Rava / Fine Semolina 1 1/2 cups
Whole Wheat Flour 3 Tbsp
Oil 4 Tbsp (divided use)
Salt a pinch
Water to knead a soft pliable dough
For filling-
*Powdered Sugar 1 1/2 cups [very fine sugar]
Whole Wheat Flour 2 Tbsp
Poppy seeds/Gasalu  1Tbsp
Cardamom powder 1 tsp
Clarified Butter/ Ghee 1 Tbsp
Milk about 1/4 cup or as needed to knead a stiff dough

Oil to spread on the griddle/tawa
Essential item - Parchment paper or a specially made stiff aluminum foil
Note -
* If using store bought powdered sugar, make sure to sift the sugar to avoid any lumps or other impurities. I used raw sugar and powdered it at home and sifted it twice to remove the coarser sugar particles.

Method Of Preparation -

To prepare the outer covering-
In a mixing bowl, add the chiroti rava, wheat flour, salt and mix 2 Tbsp of oil to get a crumbly texture.

Add adequate water and knead to get a soft and pliable dough.

Add another 2 Tbsp of oil to the bowl and place the dough in the oil and keep it covered for atleast 4-6 hrs. The longer the dough rests, the better the results.

Chakkara Holigalu

To Prepare the filling - 
When the dough has rested for about 4-6 hrs , start the preparation of the filling.

In a mixing bowl, add the powdered sugar, whole wheat flour, poppy seeds, cardamom powder and ghee. Mix well until the ghee is incorporated into the sugar mixture.

Gradually sprinkle milk little by little and knead into a stiff dough. Take care not to hastily add milk as the filling tends to become runny because of the milk-sugar combo.

Keep it covered until needed.
To prepare the crepes/holigalu - 
On a rolling surface, spread a 7 inches by 7 inches piece of parchment paper.

Pinch a small gooseberry sized dough (for outer covering) and flatten it a little. Pinch the same sized dough from the filling and place it in the middle of the dough. Again pinch small gooseberry sized dough, flatten it and cover the filling. Seal the edges, place it on the parchment paper and flatten it with your fingers or an oiled rolling pin. Don't use any flour for dusting.  If needed, just use a few drops of the oil which was used to soak the dough. The crepes I made were about 4-5 inch in diameter.

[I found the usage of the rolling pin a little difficult, so I went ahead and used my fingers to flatten it and finally to erase any finger markings on the crepe, I smoothened it using the rolling pin. This could be because I used the parchment paper instead of the specially designed thick foil sheet.]

Chakkara Holigalu

The crepe should be as thin as possible. Since the dough has soaked in for more than 4 hours, the dough tends to stretch. So don't worry if the stuffing peeps out of the dough here and there.

On a low to medium hot tawa/griddle which is slightly oiled, invert the parchment paper and slowly and carefully peel the crepe onto the tawa. This requires some skill and patience according to my mom. But I think the usage of parchment paper made my job easy. 

Sprinkle some oil and cook on both the sides of the crepe until golden brown. After both the sides are cooked well, fold it into half (resembling a semi circle) and remove onto a serving plate.

Reuse the parchment paper to continue for the rest of the holigas/crepes. 

Serve as is [more like they get grabbed :) ] warm or cold.

Notes - 
*Keep the dough and the sugar filling covered until they are needed. They shouldn't get dried up.
*After the dough is used up, the oil can be discarded or reused for other purposes.
* Don't roll out all the crepes at one go. Do it one at a time. That is, when one of them is cooking, roll out the next one. So it helps if you have someone to help to speed up the process.
*I had some filling leftover as I probably used a little less filling for few of the crepes. 
*I felt the first couple of the crepes were a little thick and then later on I realized the technique to make thinner ones.
*Don't panic if the filling oozes out onto the tawa. It is meant to happen as it enhances the taste. When this happens, it tends to get burnt faster so keep an eye on that. 
*The crepes/holigalu are crispy, yet soft with a bite to it. When I say crispy they are not brittle
*They have a pretty long shelf life when stored in an air tight container.

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Sending these sugar crepes to Celebrate Sweets - Stuffed Sweets guest hosted by Akila,event by Nivedita.

Preparation Time 15 min + Cooking time 1 hr 
Makes 13-14


  1. Suma Gandlur Says:
  2. Very yummy ones.
    I completely understand the nostalgia attached to food. Mine happens when I see a Karnataka's coconut holige. However no one at home prefers sweets and so I don't fret much about the traditional sweets.

  3. fabulous looking treat delicious

  4. Wow....yummy looking dish....would love to have one of those....

  5. Divya Says:
  6. really an interesting recipe.... nice way of making too.... its really needs lots of patience.... great yaar...

  7. Chitra Says:
  8. looks so crispy and yummm...

  9. thnx for sharing a treasured recipe....but wish you had put step by step pics....gets a little easy ...nevermind..will suely try..incidentally I shall also be putting a rec of my grandma tom:)

  10. Jayashree Says:
  11. Sounds like there's a lot of work involved in the making, but it sure does look scrumptious.

  12. divya Says:
  13. wow..yummy and delicious..

  14. Looks delicious. You put your heart in preparing the crepes.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  15. jayasree Says:
  16. A different kind of boli/uppittu. Looks delicious. Your pics and write up is making want to try it,though it looks like lots of work.

  17. Priya Suresh Says:
  18. Wat a wonderful and quite a new boli for me, fabulous dish, cant wait to try soon..

  19. Unknown Says:
  20. Yum, absolutely love the filling :)

  21. Sobha Shyam Says:
  22. looks very excellent recipe..

  23. Ms.Chitchat Says:
  24. Very delicious looking recipe, love the taste.

  25. Champa Says:
  26. We have something very similar called Kobbari Obbattu. Process is almost the same but ingredients for the filling are a bit different. I have even tried baking them with very good results. Nice one. I hear you about the grand mothers' cooking. Can't forget it and can't get the same results whatever we do.

  27. Shylaja Says:
  28. Delicious and yummy.Looks like a different version of boli
    South Indian Recipes

  29. Very interesting recipe. The holigalu looks so inviting..

  30. Pavani Says:
  31. Another traditional dish.. Very new to me.. Looks absolutely delicious. Your grandmother will be proud of you for making and recording all this goodies. Great going Harini.

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