UGADI Subhaakankshalu!! May this year be a fruitful and flavorful one!! As many of you might know, Ugadi is the beginning of a new year according to the lunar calender followed by people of certain parts of the world. 

Menu in the above platter - Pulihora, Mamidikaya Pappu, Ugadi Pacchadi, Rice, Masoor Dal Vada, Low Fat Boorelu, Perugu, Cabbage-Cauli-Carrot-Beans-Colored Peppers Koora, Rasam, Bobbatlu

On this day, we prepare Ugadi Pacchadi which is a mixture of tender Mango (Vagaru or Astringent), tender Neem flowers (Chedu or Bitter), Freshly made Jaggery (Theepu or Sweet), Salt (Uppu or Salty), Chillies (Khaaram or Spicy) and Raw Tamarind(Pulupu or sour). These represent the six tastes (Shadruchulu) categorized by elders which also symbolize the various flavors of life.

Posted by Harini on Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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